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Staying Chick With Your Shoes Matching Bag at a Party!(African Edition For Women)

shoes matching bag at a party

 Looking at bloggers from Pinterest to We Heart It to the ever sprouting Instagram models everywhere, it is hard for us (the normal people) to ever try to catch up to them. It's not that we can't - given the resources and time - we simply don't have time to perfect our ways of wearing the latest trending make up and the latest fashion pieces that are somehow made a 'must have item' for no specific reason. Let's get one thing straight, I am not against what they do to earn their money, I'm just looking out for us who want quick and affordable ways to tackle things as grievous as going to parties and wanting to steal the spotlight. Every girl should have their Cinderella moment and what is a more better way than sharing long held secrets with all of you!


The type of bag and shoes you decide to wear depends entirely on your outfit and for that, you have to be very careful. Matching your bag and shoes is like matching your eye make up to your lipstick. One has to be subtle for the other to flourish. This is for the main purpose of not over doing your look and making yourself look like you are trying too hard. For example, when you decide to go with a long patterned dress, it is best that you wear sandals that are simple yet practical then pair it with a patterned clutch that somehow goes hand in hand with that one of the dress. This will make the outfit come off as both classy and casual. Simple yet stylish. This look is for the casual parties that happen in beaches or at barbecues with your co-workers on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

Other times, you might be going to parties that require you to be bedazzled from head to toe. These are majorly like bachelorette parties and those Friday nights when you are free to be with your friends. For these instances, it is totally acceptable to match the shimmer of your shoes to the shimmer of your bag. With those Ankara wedges or stilettos you have never seen the opportune time to pull out and that sling bag you always thought you'll never use because they scream attention, it is their time! For great adventures in the night light, break the rules.
The other kind of party is the one that you have to take a step back and appreciate the one who the party is really about. It can be at a wedding or a graduation party; just not focusing on you but on another person. Most probably, your outfit might have taken a step back with the strong African colors and is going for the more natural and laid back. Your shoes should follow in that route and be more in the neutral color zone and probably slightly healed. Your bag, preferably a sling one, should also be neutral and maybe have something small that can bring a bit of focus to it. Be a bit more bedazzled than your shoes but not stealing the show from the one you are there for.

In essence, what is to be understood here is that, when you are going to go all out on your shoes, you should always try to down play the bag so as to bring balance - except for those occasional splurging out on Friday nights. It can also be vice versa with the bag being bedazzled and the shoes being laid back. Always remember that less is more and if applied correctly, you shall be the Belle of the Ball!

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