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What do the shoes say about you?


Can shoes tell us about someone's personality?Most of the time they can. You can take this simple test to see what your shoes say about your personality. You can also conduct this amusing test on someone else like your siblings or co-workers.

We may have to wear an old, tattered pair of shoes to work, or an uncomfortable office shoe. Work shoes will not count. The shoe that will tell the most about your unique personality will be the shoe that you wear the most, not including work or when you are required to wear a certain type of shoe.

If you are testing yourself, feel free to have your most loved shoe next to you for the test. If you are testing a friend or your secret crush, simply think of the shoe that you most often see them wearing.

What color is the shoe? The color is very important. Black footwear, like a Bearpaw black boots, is worn by classy, mysterious people. Reds are worn by leaders. Pastels, whites, and pinks are worn by fun loving people. Greens, oranges and multicolored shoes are worn by fashion forward, attention getters.

Lets talk about heels. Heels are part of every shoe. People that are determined and full of mystery like a spiked heel. People that wear a modern mid-size heel are hard workers and follow the rules. People that just love life and meeting new people wear a flat style like a Bearpaw boot style heel.

The comfort of a shoe is important in understanding the shoe owner. People that wear ultra comfortable footwear such as the Bearpaw boot are the type of people that you should form friendships with. People that appreciate comfort make the best friends because they are understanding and usually in a great mood.
Peep toe shoe is a popular footwear choice among modern brides. They are classy but show just a hint of skin to keep your ensemble from looking too formal. The closed design sufficiently secures your feet, but the peep toe lets them breathe allowing you to walk or swing comfortably on the big day. A shoe is considered to be nothing but an accent to your entire style statement, and if the shoe is a peep toe, then the tone accelerates the further.

Showing only a hint of toe line, peep toe shoes are feminine and sexy, and they are hotter than ever. If you can't or don't wear heels, and you need a pair of dress shoes, peep toe flat is one of the first styles you should consider. There is the latest trend being flaunted on the fashion shoe circuit. These shoes are also called peep toe shoes. These are exactly same as their name suggests. These open toe sandals are quite sought after by the chic and classy. Even winter has seen these shoes being popular demand for their snob appeal.

Some shoes may have many laces or even metal buckles. The most interesting people you may ever meet wear shoes that are tightened in a non-conventional way.

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